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Ranch & Lot Properties

North Dakota’s rapid industrialization has led to an increased demand for residential and commercial properties, especially in business districts like the Bismarck-Mandan area. As a result, many rural lands in these areas have been re-zoned from agricultural to residential use.

If you’re in the market for land or vacant lots in the Bisman area, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re an investor looking for excellent opportunities, an aspiring farmer or rancher searching for the right property, or you simply want the perfect spot on which to build your dream home, you can find what you’re looking for in Bisman.

Bismarck, ND Lots for Sale

When you buy land, consider the following to get the best value for your money:


When you search for a piece of land or vacant lot in the Bisman area, you might come across the terms Bismarck Rural, Mandan Rural, and so on. These simply mean that the location is sparsely populated relative to the rest of Bisman.

Many of the available lands and lots in Bisman have great locations. You have a choice of properties close to schools, the downtown area, golf courses, or the river. Waterfront properties are some of the best real estate you can purchase. You simply need to weigh which among the many amenities in the area matter most to you and your family, or the kind of investment you are considering.

Utilities and road access

Before buying a piece of property, make sure you know how to source your water, electricity, gas, waste disposal, and phone and internet services.

A piece of property with its utilities up and running is ideal; otherwise, choose a location with access to municipal services. If the property is in a remote place, you may have to pay more to tap into these services. You might also want to consider installing your own wells, septic systems, or a gas tank.

It’s also important to look into road access, especially if the property is not part of a development. If you need to pass through a private road to get to your land, you may need to make a special arrangement called an easement with the road or land owner.

Zoning restrictions, natural resource rights, and covenants

If you plan to use the land for farming or ranching, you should check if the area is zoned for such a purpose. Find out if you can build barns or stables. For example, for some properties in Mandan, there are restrictions on the number of horses you can own and the type of home you can build. Also, consider if the area is zoned for purposes other than residential.

Natural resource or mineral rights need to be looked into as well. For instance, if your property is found to have oil deposits and you don’t have mineral rights, the owner of the rights could conduct drilling operations on your property.

In addition to zoning restrictions, check into covenants or deed restrictions that may have been put in place by the homeowner’s association or the subdivision developers.

Lots and land make great investments, and owning one gives you the perfect opportunity to build the home you’ve always wanted. But the buying process can be complex and confusing. Contact local realtor Patrick Koski to help you through the process. Call him at 701-223-3030 or 701-471-1331.