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Condominiums offer a great solution to the housing needs of urban communities. The Bismarck-Mandan area is no exception. With the growing population, condos have also become an important part of the real estate scene here. View available condos here.

Unlike many other cities, however, condominiums in the Bisman area are not the steel-and-glass high rises that typically dominate the skyline. Instead, they are low- to medium-rise buildings built mostly in the ranch architectural style and finished with charming siding. They blend in well with the area’s friendly small-town feel, making new residents and guests feel instantly at ease.

Bismarck, ND Condos for Sale

Bisman condos are spacious, comparable in size to single-family homes. They come in a variety of styles, including apartment, twin or townhome, and multiplex home.

There’s also a preponderance of options in size, price, and number of bedrooms. Condos typically feature a fully equipped kitchen, hardwood cabinets, an open floor plan, security devices, a large master suite, a garage, and more.

While not as popular in Bisman as they are in other urban communities, condos remain a great housing alternative to new and existing residents.

Here are some of the benefits of living in a condo.

Less maintenance

The association fees condo owners pay go to the maintenance of the property – freeing residents from yard upkeep or landscaping, snow plowing, roof repairs, and general maintenance. Relieved of these chores, condo owners can devote more time to things that truly matter to them, whether it’s spending time with the family, pursuing passion projects, or engaging in their favorite leisure activities.

More affordable

Condos are more affordable than single-family homes in the same or a similar neighborhood, with comparable sizes and features. The condos in Bisman come in a wide range of sizes and amenities, assuring potential dwellers they won’t lack in space or convenience.

More affinity with the neighbors

The proximity of living spaces fosters a sense of community among condo dwellers that’s unlike any other. Shared spaces and facilities provide better opportunities to meet neighbors, interact with them, make friends, and socialize. This neighborliness enhances the sense of security among residents; they know they can rely on each other for help in emergency situations, or to keep an eye on their unit when they are away.

Better security

The neighbors’ close presence can help deter intruders. Additionally, condos usually have sophisticated security features, including security professionals in some cases.


“Location, location, location” is the mantra of the real estate business and condos are perfect exemplars. They’re typically located near business and commercial districts and Bisman condos are no exception. Thus, owning a condo in Bisman makes going to and from work convenient. In addition, they’re in the nerve center of the best leisure options the city has to offer like restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment.

If you think the condo lifestyle is right for you and you want to explore your options in the Bisman area, give Patrick Koski a call at 701-223-3030 (office) or 701-471-1331 (mobile). He will help you help you find the right property to suit your needs.